1. Poor Thing
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Poor Thing

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Don Rogers - acoustic/electric guitar
Robby Cosenza - drums
Scott Wilmoth - bass
Mason Colby - banjo, vocals


That night I was looking for a way out of the same old dull routine
When her eyes met mine like a match tossed into a pool of gasoline
I wished I could take her away from this dirty little scene
To get her all alone so she could be my dirty little queen

Poor thing, my pretty poor thing
She's a mess, I must confess
But she's got me on a string
Oh, my pretty poor thing

From that gleam in her eye I could tell she was full of bad decisions
Probably had a crazy ex-boyfriend she conveniently won't mention
But she's raring to go and don't have time for a young man's indecision
I'm gonna wind up on top of the world or in federal prison

The way the evening started, my mind was psychedelically blissed
She showed me a few little tricks that evidently I had missed
It makes me blush to think of all the places that she kissed
She knocked me out faster with her tongue than she could've with her fist

I woke tingling with the memory of the night before
But when I reached for my wallet it was clear exactly what I'd fallen for
Turns out she was just a grifter and I was just her latest score
And I might be sick and twisted, but man, it only made me want her more