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Lung Teeth Tongue

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Tom Hnatow - synth, steel guitar
Rebecca Rego - vocals
Mason Colby - banjo, vocals


Come all you shambling mounds of flesh
Imbued with the spark of life
And stomp your lower appendages
To ward away your strife

Put varnish on your fingertips
Put perfume on your sores
We’ll make believe that spark of life
Will last forevermore

Won’t you lay me down in the meadow
For the carrion beetles and crows
Let a song burst forth from my empty chest
Paint it yellow and red when the chilly wind blows

That thing you do
It’s killing you
It’s making your insides bleed
But what really tears your soul apart
Is “I need! I need! I need!”

The squeals you hear
Are born in fear
And raised in a filthy pen
We’re headed for
The killing floor
But we’ll jump and shout till then

These guts, these strings, they oscillate
They find their way inside
They grab ahold of a part of you
Not made of flesh or hide

It’s a body filled with excrement
That’s making your eardrums ring
But it’s more than lung
Than teeth and tongue
You’re hearing when I sing